Monday, August 25, 2014

Playing with Dryer Sheets

It all started with this card. Then I was curious...what else can you do with Dryer sheets? 
   I've been looking for some cool snow flakes to add to some projects/gifts I am making. Wanted to keep the cost down & I thought maybe dryer sheets?
   So I set out to see just what you can do with Dryer sheets.  I decided to try putting 2 dryer sheets together with Mod Podge. I used a cutting board & paint brush to apply Mod Podge. I decided to add some glitter & inks (used corn blue & gypsy re-inkers) from CTMH.  I placed the sheets on wax paper to dry. I also had some transparencies & decided to try them with one layer dryer sheet & glitter.

After they dried I couldn't wait to play.  Decided to try cutting out a snow flake. I used the big shot to cut them out.  Ran them through about 5 times to cut.
.Then I wanted to see if they would emboss. I used the big shot to emboss. I added inks to the folder.  Look how they turned out...just love the holly!
The sheets had the feel of leather when they dryed. Very strong.  I am very happy with my snow flakes.  Hope you take some time to be curious and give it a try. Please leave comments if you have questions or discover a new way to craft with Dryer sheets.
My mind is still Curious. ....more to come.

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