Saturday, February 28, 2015

More dryer sheet Flowers

Lots of Curious crafters out there have ask how I made this flower.  I am just so curious about those dang old dryer sheets. Evey time I see one I think....what can I make with this today. I had watched a You Tube video about making vintage flowers with lace, so off I went to see how it would look with a dryer sheet...I think it turned out pretty. Now I'm thinking ....yellow....daffodils ....?

Supplies You Need:  Used dryer sheet, scissors, small piece of yellow paper, tacky glue, ink pads, aqua pen, (or paint brush & water), needle & thread and glitter.
First you will need to cut your dryer sheet in strips.  You cut down the longest side. I cut two strips about 1 1/2" and two at about 1".  Glue the two wide strips together and the two smaller strips together.  This was the hardest part, I tried lots of glue & adhesive....what worked best for me was a tacky fast drying glue. I put the two ends together and added glue on top, rubbed it into the strips. (best to do this step on a non-stick surface)  let it dry while you make your center. I just used a strip of yellow paper and cut tiny strips almost to one edge of the paper, curled them, then rolled them up with a small dot of glue.

Once the strips are dry, fold each one until it is about 1" wide.  Cut the shape of a petal in each strip. Next place the small strip on top of the larger one and  gathering stitch across the bottom edge then gather the strips tightly and secure the flower together

Separate the layers and fluff until you get it the way you like.  Add your center to flower with glue.
Add your color to the flower.  I used an aqua pin to add the ink. I liked that look. You can also use a sponge of just rub across the ink pad depending on how you want it to look like. The water just gives you a softer look.  If you want add some glitter.  I think I liked them better without the glitter. I like the transparency of them.

Hope you are Curious and give it a try.  I would love to see what you come up with.  I'm a curious kind of person you know.  Please like this post or better still leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Feel free to post a picture of your creation. I would love to see what to create!

Be Curious!
Be Crafty!
Be Happy!

Until next time CuriousCrafter is off to play with dryer sheets !

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