Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Year In Review 2015

Oh What a year!

My year has been a busy one. So I decided to share some of the highlights with you guys.
We have finally put our old house on the Market. We have decided to try to sale ourselves for awhile before we give it to a realtor.  Kind of sad...of course I had to scrap it.

We added a crazy Dog to our family.  We enjoyed football, basketball, volleyball games, first time drivers, Halloween, and of course Home Coming, and the Prom.  We even had an Owl party.

Our grandson
 Our Granddaughter {the short one}
 Loki, Our Crazy dog
Our granddaughter and her date
 Our granddaughter, a new driver now!

 Two of my favorite Owls
 Our granddaughter on Home coming Court
 Our granddaughter, cute little kitty
Our granddaughter with her boy friend {who surprised her for home coming}

We celebrated Birthdays, special days with our grandchildren, and even managed a family vacation and a motorcycle trip with our friends.
 Our grandson on his Special Day {remind me to tell you about Special Days}
Long weekend trip to Myrtle Beach
My sweet Hubby at Stone Mt. in Georgia , on our family vacation

Our Motorcycle trip to Kentucky

Of course there was some work, some fun work and some crafting.
Crafting class made frame wreaths
 My son-in-law and I made snowmen and trees to sale. We made many...many trees!
 Gifts I made for my crafty friends
One of the Christmas crafts we made
 Some of the many trees we made
My booth at Craft Show
Then it was Christmas. My favorite time of the year. Although it seemed like summer here with the temperature around 70 degrees.  At our house we have a couple of traditions with our family that we try to do each year.  My husband and I take our grandkids to the lights at Bristol Speedway. We leave early and eat lunch then visit the light show. I think our favorite thing is the little market they have in the middle of the race track. Little shops, food, and rides for kids. Christmas for our family starts on a Friday and ends on Sunday.  It's not always on Christmas but our girls and their families spend the whole weekend together. We cook, eat, play games, exchange gifts, and sometimes take a nap or two.

Loki in his Christmas sweater
 Christmas Eve snack
Some of us at the end of our celebration. A strange group we are!

Well that's some of the things that have kept me busy this year. I have been truly blessed this year with my health, my Husband {who supports me and puts up with me}, my family and my home. God has blessed us with these gifts. I pray that he will bless us and guide us in the year to come.

I haven't been very good at posting on a regular schedule. That is one of my main projects this year, so.....stay tuned.


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