Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pocket Letters

I have become very Curious about the new (to me) craft known as pocket letters.  Hung out on You Tube and Pintrest.  Then I thought I'd give it a try. I made two for my daughter's and one for a friend.  Then I decided I wanted to do some swaps.  Now, I confess I am addicted!  

Let me tell you what they are. You use the plastic sleeves thecat baseball cards fit in. You decorate them using scrapbooking / card making supplies on the front side. Sometimes there is a theme and sometimes not.  Then this is the fun the back side you add goodies....washi tape, ribbon, buttons, die cuts, a tea bag, some chocolate most anything you can fit into the pockett. You get to get rid of some of your supplies. All us crafters know we have many to share.  Then you swap with someone else.

It's like getting a Christmas present every time you get yours in the mail.

This is one I recieved. Just this week!

                     STAY COURIOUS!

             TRY SOMETHING NEW

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