Monday, May 9, 2016

Motivation Mondays


Are Mondays hard for you?  Do you want to just snuggle in and not start the week just yet?
Me too.....sometimes, but Mondays are the beginnings of a fresh new week.  Mondays kind of set the tone for the rest of the week.  After a week of traveling and the busy weekend of Anniversaries, Mothers Day and Prom, I just want to chill.  I also know that if I do I will miss the opportunity to start my week in a fresh and positive way.  So I decided to go out....outside (nature always makes me feel energized and fresh) I love to just roam around and take pictures of anything I find inspiring. Today my pansies inspired me to get busy!  Checked my CTMH planner, updated To Do List and added my reward for the day!  Today my reward is to create something that has pansies...maybe a card ....or a scrapbook page! 

So go find something to motivate you today! Remember to give yourself a reward....even if it's only 30 mins. to play. (color, paint, dance, sing or soak in a bubble bath) Be good to yourself and have a great productive day!

Tomorrow I will post my creation for you guys to see and maybe share some of my To Do accomplishments.  Stay Curious and Crafty.  Here are a few more of my nature walk pictures from today. Enjoy


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