Wednesday, November 6, 2013

House Building Where does all the trash go ?

I guess you guys may have wondered where I've been lately.  Well grand kids, trying to keep up with the old house and build the new house is very time consuming.  Normally most of my crafting takes place at night when everyone else is in bed. Lately all I can do is fall asleep.  If you have crafting in your blood, you find a way to be creative no matter what.  I have so many new CTMH products that I want to use.  Guess I'll just have to find the time somewhere. Ever wonder where all the leftovers (trash) goes, you know trim, baseboard, lumber or PVC pipe?  I find myself looking at everything in a different light these days. My number one question is : What could that be?  Here are a couple of things I made with some of those "leftovers"

Do you recognize it?  Its baseboard, already painted white.  All I did was add a little dry brushing with ctmh's pearl paint with a few drops of blush re-inker. On one I painted mostly pink & let it dry the dry brushed it with just the pearl paint. On the other I left it white & dry brushed it with the blush tinted paint.  Added some lace from my birthday gift from my sister, some paper flowers(stamped & painted), some paper leaves colored with ctmh markers, and some bling.I added the words free handed and used a button for the O in HOPE.  Cute little gifts for someone.  I hope this post gives you the idea to look at all things around you in a new light.  After all I am the "Curious Crafter"  

IF you want to try painting, you can find the pearl paint on my website Here

Be Curious.....make some time to do something you love!
See you next time. To be continued...........

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